ECT330CSC Glass ceramic hob


Glass ceramic hob
Dimensions (W×H×D): 30 × 5 × 51 cm Safety control hob lock


The excellence of stainless steel

Gorenje's wide array of refrigerators also includes models made of stainless steel, attuned to the current trends in modern kitchen design. The refrigerator door is finished with a genuine, durable and proven quality material fingerprint resistant material. Owing to its elegant shape and the high-quality stainless steel finish, this appliance will blend seamlessly with any kitchen ambiance and match furniture of any colour.
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Boiling over as a forgotten problem
Automatically adjusts the operating power. After initially operating at maximum power, the cooking zone maintains the desired temperature to prevent boiling over or overcooking.


The kitchen as a safe environment
ChildLock option is excellent for those who have children at home. Leaving them in a kitchen unauthorized has never been safer, since this option prevents them from resetting any parameters.

Residual heat indicators (H)

Ensuring even greater safety, residual energy indicators illuminate to reveal which zones of the hob are still radiating heat. As long as an indicator is lit, the respective heating zone should not be touched. It can, however, be used for defrosting or maintaining a dish warm.

Touch controlled ceramic glass hob

Gorenje’s cutting edge UseLogic® sensor technology makes it possible for you to operate your ceramic glass hob quite literally with you fingertips. Different sensors enable direct control of each individual burner. The ergonomic position of the operating panel ensures a perfect overview and control over your cooker. The child Safety Lock is an extra safety feature, which allows you to lock the hob to prevent children from inadvertently accessing the controls and interfering with the appliance when unsupervised.
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Technical details


Chamfered front hob edge

Touch control

BoilControl, prevents boil-overs

1 HiLight heating zone + 1 HiLight two ring heating zone
Front: Ø two ring 18/12 cm, 1.7 kW,
Behind: Ø 14.5 cm, 1.2 kW

Residual heat indicator

Safety control hob lock


Dimensions (W×H×D): 30 × 5 × 51 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 38 × 14 × 58 cm

Niche dimensions (WxHxD): 27.5 × 4.6 × 49 cm

Net weight: 4.6 kg

Gross weight: 5 kg

Consumption in standby mode: 0.4 W

Connection rating: 2,700 W

Product code: 465906

EAN code: 3838942061219


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